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Electric Galley - Microwave
So I pulled out the transformers from each microwave, and you can see how the higher power oven has
a bigger transformer.  I also noticed the capacitor is larger, .95uf vs .63uf in the low power.


I installed the smaller transformer and capacitor into the larger unit, and now we have a mid-sized low-power microwave.  Smile


Can we make more improvements?   I think so.  I have never understood why they have a light on inside the microwave while it is running.  So we can remove the bulb and call it good.  In one unit I disassembled, it had two 45 watt bulbs!   There is also the cooling fan, it is another 15 watts.  It could be replaced by a lower power more efficient fan, if one wants a fan at all.  It does put the heat of the Magnetron into the chamber and move the air around inside, so probably worth having.  Then there is the turntable that spins the food.  I'm not so sure these are needed.  With something heavy it might consume a good amount of power.  Older microwaves used a 'microwave mixer' that deflected the microwaves around, which is more efficient than moving the food around.  But these don't seem to be used in newer microwaves.
Some testing would be needed.  I did find a paper on redesigning the chamber from the square to a hex or rounded one, which distributes the waves more effectively.  But we might be going for the last few percentage improvements here.  Might just be happy to let the food rotate.  Wink

What might be next?  Looks to me that running directly on 12v and not requiring 120vac power might be a significant improvement.  A transformer at 60hz must be quite large.  Going with the smaller 800 watt transformer is itself a big weight reduction.  If you can operate at 16,000hz, the transformer size and weight can shrink significantly, and weight is always an issue on a multihull.  Smile

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