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Electric Galley - Microwave
When building the Battery Charger / Inverter I have used a transformer from a Microwave Oven.
I have dismantled a few of them, and have been thinking about how to make them more efficient for use on an electric boat.  

Microwave Ovens are generally very efficient, in the sense of using more energy to heat food than other methods.  Even inductive cooktops heat the metal container which then heats the food, whereas a microwave heats the food directly.  
However the Magnetron that generates the microwaves is not 100% efficient, I've seen figures of 65% efficiency, so 35% of the electricity is generating heat in the Magnetron and not heat in the food.
The good news though is that heat can be put into the oven chamber, so it that sense it is not wasted.
In any case, we have no real way of increasing the efficiency of the Magnetron itself, although there are ways to do it indirectly.

One of the major improvements is to simply use a less powerful microwave.
It will take longer to cook things, so the total energy will be approximately the same, but less power means consuming less watts from the battery.  This creates much less stress on the battery, or in some cases allows the oven to work at all.  For example 1000 watts is 80 amps at 12 volts, but 500 watts would draw only 40 amps.
The problem here is that the only low power microwaves I have seen are a very small size, which I find unappealing.  I want a full-size unit that is low power.  So it looks like this might need to be custom built.

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