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Harbor Freight 800 Watt Generator Modifications
Harbor Freight had their little 800 watt generator on sale for $88 so I went ahead and bought one.
The idea is to use it for a battery charger when needed.  As they are pretty small and this one is quite cheap, they can come in handy.

After doing a lot of research, it seems the story on these generators is Yamaha designed them, and had them made in China, and then the Chinese just copied them and starting selling the clones to resellers.
So this model is available under many different brand names.  


It seems there is zero quality control, they slap them together and put them into a shipping box.
The manual says to break them in with 25 hours of runtime before a full 800 watt load.  
Really?  25 hours.   Oh well, so after buying this, I had a couple gallons of old gasoline from a couple jetskis I tore apart, and thought this is a good way to get rid of this old gas.  After running for about 4 hours unloaded, I hooked up some lights and a fan, and ran it another 8 hours till the 1 gallon tank was empty.
Then I put in another half gallon, and it ran for another 6 hours, and then I tried to restart it the next day, and busted the pull cord mechanism.   This doesn't seem to be uncommon.  So with 18 hours of runtime, I disassembled the unit just about completely, and took a look at the parts.   There was already a good amount of carbon buildup on the piston and exhaust port.  I suppose the nature of a two stroke, and my gas was probably overly rich in oil.   So next up, weigh the parts and decide how to modify it.


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